Friday, July 26, 2013

More recycled copper tubing jewelry!

 Another successful Photo Friday!!  I added a few new listings to my etsy shop, these are the two new pieces I finished just this week.... More recycled copper tubing and sterling silver designs.

The possibilities are endless with this earring design, I'm playing with more asymmetrical ring arrangements so stay tuned for more of those.....  The rings are hand cut from the recycled copper tubing and I hand made jump rings in different sizes to work with the copper tubing.  The are extremely light weight and comfortable to wear.  

The necklace is put together with 20 hand cut and shaped pieces of the tubing and at the back of the necklace there's about 7" of handmade sterling silver chain.  Extremely labor intensive but well worth the effort I think.  I really like the way this necklace sits on the collar bone, it has a really nice weight to it and like the other jewelry pieces made from the tubing, the pieces are assembled on beaded wires so the move and spin.

As always, check out my etsy shop for these and even more of my jewelry and sculptures.

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