Friday, April 26, 2013

New earrings.

I've been working on a pair of silver and hammered copper earrings.  The design again inspired by the fiddlehead that appears so much in my work.  Here they are on the work bench in my studio.  They need some finishing touches but look for them soon on my etsy shop!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Inspiration in the Woods

It's amazing how you can find creativity and inspiration in places you least expect it!  Went hiking today at the Rocky Hill quarry and thought I'd share some of my photos from the hike.  I love finding creativity in the woods, the contrast between the graffiti at the quarry and the natural surroundings I find really interesting.  This spot is even MORE interesting because it has these great structures that continue to show wear.  Nature is slowly taking back the spaces these structures occupy, always cool to watch.  I hope you enjoy......

Saturday, April 20, 2013


It's been a while since I've posted any of my art work so I thought I'd start back up with this little guy.  I altered a blank Munny for a local Munny Madness exhibit a few months ago.  Since this is my most recent piece I thought I'd share him......
His name is Sprout.
He's a mini munny about 5" tall, 3" wide and 5" front to back including the wires.  I hammered a piece of copper for his belly and nose.  Sculpted additions are done with Super Sculpey and Apoxie and then I painted it with Acrylics and added the copper wire and flocking material.  If you love him, he's for sale on my etsy site, Onoclea Studios!  

Friday, April 19, 2013

Sketchbook Project Tour ooops!

Apparently I wrote this post a couple years ago but never posted it!  OOOPPS!  So.... here's a blast from the past.....
So, I've been working on a sketchbook that's going to go on tour starting at the end of January with books by 28834 other artists. The Brooklyn Art Library runs the Sketchbook Project and it tours the country so check it out if it comes to a city close to you, looks like it should be pretty cool. I chose the theme Jackets, Blankets and Sheets and decided to go with photo transfers and collage for the imagery. Some of the images are also drawn into.  It's a departure from the other work I've been doing recently but still very me with its textural qualities. Here's a little taste....

 Hoped you enjoyed the blast from the past.  If you haven't been to the Brooklyn Art Library, definitely check it out if you get a chance to, there are some pretty amazing treasures there and they've done a lot more of these sketchbook projects since I did mine, all different themes, very cool. 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

My new Etsy Shop is up and running!!

I've been talking about it for a while and I finally have some items for sale up on my new etsy shop, Onoclea Studios!  Please check it out and let me know what you think!

I'm baaack!

The long hiatus is becoming my trademark.  But, I swear it was for a good cause this time.  I spent an ENORMOUS amount of time planning and making things for my wedding!!  And then crashed immediately after and went into a creative rebellion.  I am still working on that etsy site and I promise I'll share some of my artwork soon but for now, check out some of the amazing photos of my work from the wedding courtesy of Nikki Nicole Photography.
I made the necklaces for myself and the four women in the bridal party.  Mine is all sterling silver, the bridal party necklaces have Swarovski crystals in our wedding colors, lime green and rusty red.  I also made six pairs of earrings with the same design is the bridal party necklaces only on a smaller scale.

The wedding favors were hand poured resin sculptures designed by my husband and I based off of the logo we developed together for our wedding.  My husband sculpted the original, which we used as our cake topper and I helped pour and clean up the resin copies.
We made 100 of them for our guests and they acted as part of the centerpieces at the reception.  The design is based on a fiddlehead (which I'm obsessed with) and the two halves represent the two of us.

You can see our logo on the pin attached to the front of our invitation.  Which, by the way, was a book we constructed from chipboard and copper.  We also used the logo for the first page of the invite and pretty much branded all of our wedding materials with it.

A bit over the top, but I guess that's what happens when two artists get married.  Lots of handmade, unexpected things.......