Sunday, January 26, 2014

New Circle Series items

I'm working on a few new items to add to my circle series made from repuroosed copper pipe and sterling silver including pendants and cuff bracelets. Here's a sneak peek at some of the new designs. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New items listed on Etsy!

I added a few new items to my Etsy shop yesterday!  Check out the listings in the Etsy Mini to the right.  
The copper gyroscope pendant is made from reclaimed copper pipe with sterling silver wire and chain and a Swarovski crystal bead at the center (or not) There are a few options for this listing and they're made individually to order so you can customize your pendant just the way you want it.  They're super fun to wear, it's like having a little toy dangling around your neck.  Just so there's no confusion, these will not spin and balance the way a real gyroscope does.  Sorry, I wish I could make that work.  I posted a video of me spinning one on my facebook page and instagram about a week ago.  They make a cute little tinking noise as the pieces spin.

These little bits are a new addition to my seed pod series.  More post earrings!  The sprouted seed pod posts are still up in my shop, this simpler version comes in the same 1/2" size as the sprouted posts AND a Mini 3mm size.  If you like studs that fit ON your earlobe, go for the minis!  The ones pictured are polished but they come in different finishes.  That's all for now but as usual, I'm working on a few more additions, some made to order items and I've been dying to work on a couple more sculptural jewelry pieces so expect those to come soon too!