Saturday, August 2, 2008

I Don't Eat Clams!

I added a slideshow at the bottom of my blog. It's a small sampling of my work at the moment but I'm working on adding more work to it.
I just added a photo of this piece today. It's a tiny little 4"x6" mixed media painting I did for the New Britain Art League's annual fundraiser. My most recent "finished" painting. It's a continuation of my obsession with the sensitive fern. I used celuclay to create a relief on the canvas before painting it with acrylics. The seed pods are made from sculpey mounted on copper wire. The sculpey is painted with acrylics too.
I have no idea where this piece is now. I didn't go to the event because the Art League sucks! Even though I donated artwork they wanted to charge me to attend, something like $40. And it was a clam bake! I don't even eat fish so what would I be paying for? Watching other people eat and bid on artwork is not worth $40.
So I think my little seed pods were auctioned off or there was an art grab type thing. I hope it has a good home.