Monday, November 3, 2008

Are you Serious!?

So, Hostess came out with their 100 calorie snack cake packs today. Seriously? What's the point? Really. So people can feel better about eating junk food? Isn't this almost the same as a regular twinkie anyway? I think this is getting a little ridiculous..... And what's with the apple in the upper right hand corner? Are they implying that the twinkie 100 calorie pack is part of a healthy diet, like the apple!? That's just crazy talk!!!!

This photo has been borrowed from the Hostess website..... Thanks!

Twinkies and Robots opens Friday!!

I was at the Mac650 Gallery on Sunday when a few people I know were hanging their work for the Twinkies and Robots show opening this friday. It looks amazing and you should check it out! That's an order! Joe Dinunzio did a series of sculptures and paintings that absolutely rock! Check out Joe's blog for a small taste of what he put in the show. What I want to know is where he came up with the idea for those snazzy sculpture stands. Ingenious! Jay May has an entire grid of 50 or so robot head paintings on display along with others AND a couple guitars he made. I think he went a little robot crazy a while back. Joe Galluccio has the painting he did for the postcard on display along with several other amazing pieces. I could go on but why bore you. It would be much more interesting to just come to see the show. If you can't make it Friday there's gallery hours on the weekends, but you'll miss the aztec twinkies and robot grease!