Wednesday, July 1, 2015

SCAD Road Trip Part 1

A couple weeks ago I hopped in the car with my friend and fellow artist/ teacher Shelley Osowiecki and we headed to Savannah, GA for an Educator Forum at the Savannah College of Art and Design.  We made a few stops along the way, did lots of sight seeing, learned some new techniques to use in our own artwork and in our teaching and generally had a blast!  I took about 300 photos, don't worry, I won't bore you with all of them but here are a few of the highlights......
Made it to the GW bridge in NY at dusk, beautiful time to see it!  We stopped for a little fun in DC the next morning.  We hit the Natural History Museum and the Hirshorn Museum of contemporary art.  Shelley was dying to have a butterfly land on her and this one was happy to oblige....
A quick stop at south of the border for a photo op with Pedro because Joe was convinced it was a cultural experience not to be missed, and then we were on our way to Savannah!  SCAD welcomed us with open arms and plenty of schwag!  It was like being a college student again, staying in the dorms for the week!
Shelley and I took different workshops and learned lots of new techniques to use in our own artwork and with our students.  I learned a little about 3D printing, how to use Cinema 4D and a Wanhao 3D printer along with some awesome printing techniques to use on ceramics.  I don't know why I didn't figure this out sooner!  Back to my printmaking roots I go!!!!  Very excited to try more of this now that I' home in my own studio! 
Love this old warehouse that SCAD turned into part of their campus.  One of my workshops was in this group of buildings.

And of course, there was plenty of site seeing..... We took a walking tour around savannah and got to see the oldest building there, lots of the squares filled with live oak trees (I'm a little obsessed with live oaks now) and monuments to all of the historical figures that had a hand in making Savannah what it is and learned a little about Savannah's history.  SCAD's welcome center and Poetter Gallery is on Bull Street with lovely views of one of the squares.  This photo with the church steeple is taken from one of the balconies there.
As strange as it sounds we had quite a few people recommend that we check out Bonaventure cemetery while we were there. I took a photography class in grad school and the professor had a rule....Absolutely NO photographs in cemeteries!  I don't know if even he would have been able to resist at Bonaventure. The combo of old, new and live oak trees with drippy spanish moss was too much to resist!  Side note... it was 100 degrees the day we were at Bonaventure with a heat index of 115 because of the humidity.  Thank god we were able to drive around and get out of the car only when we wanted to take pictures!

 Had to stop and visit little Gracie Watson.  We heard quite a few ghost stories while in Savannah and a couple of them were about her.

Might as well see what the nightlife is like, right?!  This is the view from the rooftop bar at the Bohemian, Rocks on the Roof.  Great place to have a drink and take in views of the bridge and the river.  One of many bars we visited during our stay, including a speakeasy. (Shhhh, I might share a photo of that one too.) 
That's all for now!  I'll post more in a couple days!

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