Monday, September 8, 2008

Some Old Work at MAC650

So, I've been a bad blogger..... What can I say, I'm new at this and haven't really felt the need to blog about what I'm doing since I talk to the two people that actually read this on a regular basis. But here I am anyway, dutifully blogging again....
I am showing work at the North End Artists Coop again at 648 Main St in Middletown. Who'd have thought I'd ever step foot in there again! Anyway, the new gallery is called MAC650 and is run by the ridiculously talented Joseph Dinunzio. Paul Gobel, another Coop member, organized a group show for September. I put a few old pieces in. My chair, "Booty Call,"always a hit, a new-ish photograph and a monotype. I know, I still can't decide which direction to go in. Stop by the gallery sometime this month and check out some of the other work. It's a great space and awesome things are going to start happening there. Oh, and check out the gallery blogpot... it's over there... to your right.

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Joseph A. Dinunzio said...

Thank you! Please keep blogging!