Monday, September 15, 2008

My Little Bro at Boston Center for the Arts

I went up to Boston this weekend to see my little brother Joe at the Boston Tattoo Convention at the Boston Center for the Arts. Here he is inflicting pain on some poor trusting sap that likes his work enough to permanently embed it in his skin. Isn't he cute! Anyway, it was pretty cool. You could hear the guns buzzing when you walked in the building there were so many people getting tattoos. Saw a few artists whose work I really liked. Jess Guercia, a lover of robots. Her illustrations were awesome. Dan Henk does some pretty crazy horror stuff. Canman from Visions Tattoo had some stuff that really reminded me of Alex Grey's work, which I love! And, as a side note, he was my sculpture anatomy teacher in college. Alex Grey, not the Canman. This guy Jason Ackerman from Exceptional Tattoo is amazingly talented as well. If you're looking to get a tattoo I highly recommend checking out their work. I think there were a few others but I can't remember their names off the top of my head. Besides, too much of my memory of the event has been filled with images of the Boston Babydolls. It's a burlesque group, which sounds cool, but the performer that we saw reminded me of my mother. And the last thing I think anyone wants to see is their mom stripping on stage. I took some photos with my film camera so I'll try to remember to post them when I get them developed. For now, I got this video off their website. I'm not so sure it does our experience justice but I'm putting it in anyway because.... how could I not. Just watch with caution....

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