Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Addams Family Gathering Opens

So the opening of the Addams Family Gathering was this past weekend. This is a group shot of all of the artists showing work. We had a really great turn out and there was a story in the Middletown Press about the show. My installation ended up coming together well. I included a detail shot because it's difficult to see the detail in the full shot. The resin, though it was the bane of my existence for a while, really added to the piece so I'm glad I stuck with it. I did end up finishing a few new pendants before the opening so if you check out the exhibit, don't forget about the display case in the back. It's up through Saturday October 24th and gallery hours are 11-3 on the weekends only. There's a lot of amazing work, this is a really strong show and there's a little something for everyone, from fine art painting and sculpture to functional guitars, illustrations and comic books. Stop by and check it out. I've pasted part of the article from the Middletown Press below but you can check out the rest of the article and the photos that went with it (I believe) on their website.
A continuous reel of old Addams Family television clips projected on a large screen played in the window of the MAC 650 Gallery welcoming guests to the opening night of “The Addams Family Gathering” Friday night.
Guests and featured artists, many dressed in funeral attire, admired an eclectic assortment of work based on one of television’s beloved families inside the gallery.
(Joeseph) Dinunzio and (Joseph) Galluccio sought out members of the local art community to contribute to the show. According to Dinunzio, they were looking for artists whose art had “darkness,” or artists who “could bring something to the genre.” Because of the specific theme of the show, they did not expect artists to already have art in their collections that would fit the show’s theme, so artists asked to show work in the exhibit created new art.
“The Addams Family Gathering” features the work of Dinunzio, Shannon M. Gagne, Galluccio, Joey Marsocci, Jason May, John McCormack, Katie Osowiecki, Shelley Osowiecki and Carrie Swider. The MAC 650 Gallery is located at 650 Main St. in Middletown. Go to the Mac 650 blog for more info.

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