Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wandering Uterus Pieces

So, finally, here are the photos from the Wandering Uterus in Jan/Feb of this year. The show was an amazing success. We had some great feedback, an awesome turn out for our opening and the Middletown Press came by to interview me, do a photo shoot and they printed a story in the weekend edition. We even made the cover! woo woo, props to us.
The photo above is of one of my pieces titled Onoclea Opening #1. It's fused, slumped and blown glass with resin in a bed of sand. There's another angle to the right, you can see the form better. Again, there I go working with those ferns. In the background of the photo to the left you can see my painting From Within on the left and H.L. Groen's paintings on the right. I love her use of color!!!
With this entire series, I continued my exploration of the connection between the sensitive fern (onoclea sensibilus) and the human form. These are, in a way, self-portraits. I see the strength and simultaneous fragility of the sensitive fern as being similar to my own, a metaphor for humanity as well as my experiences. I chose the materials and forms of these pieces to echo those characteristics. Each piece is a representation of the sensitive fern with its fragility and ever present potential for rebirth while also being representations of myself.
I know I normally don't get serious on my blog but I figured I'd throw in a bit of an artist statement since I'm showing so much of my work this month.
Above is a closer look at From Within, the only painting I did for the show. It's Acrylic on Canvas and the photo doesn't really do the color justice but what can you do.
To the right is Onoclea Opening #2. This one is ceramic, glaze, resin and blown glass. And it's the only piece in the show that was licked. Thanks Jen! Apparently she thought it looked yummy. In the background are illustrations by Katie and Shelley Osowiecki. I love their work! Here are some closer shots....
The squid piece is Katie's and the Ipod piece is Shelley's. Yeah, their styles are similar but they're twins so what did you expect?!
The piece below and to the right is the biggest piece I did for the show, Onoclea Dying. The top part is ceramic and glaze. It's filled with water and glass. The base is made of steel rod that's been welded and I used a plasma cutter to get some texture and it's also sitting on a bed of sand. This is the piece I posted photos of last year as I was working on it. Check out the Wandering Uterus in Progress post.
The other pieces were a set of glass masks I made from a casting of my face. They are also fused and slumped glass.
For Overgrown (to the left) I also incorporated copper wire and Acrylic Coated Polymer Clay. Sensibilus Immortal has a bold orange piece where the fern was placed that I was told made it look like a samurai. I don't see it but to each their own interpretation. And last but not least Blinded has a slightly different format. It's difficlut to see in the images but all of the masks have conte drawings embedded in the glass along with the skeletons of ferns that I picked from my yard last year. I explained that process in my last post about the jewelry. I hope you like them and if you actually read all of that you deserve a prize! I have more photos of the other artists work from the show that I'll post later. *carrie

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